About Me

Name: Israel Rodriguez
Education: University of Houston - BArch Degree
Graduation Date: Dec 2015

Derived from a purely creative interest and intrigue towards the design world, my approach to design tends to stem from an interest in a metaphorical “haptic feedback,” or reaction, that Architecture can present to new ideas and environments. My interest in testing what may or may not come from introducing a new set of parameters to an environment interests me intensely. Because I tend to view the world as clusters of micro-ecosystems, I tend to think about architecture more as the creation of environments and/or their modification. I think as humans, we should all be open to change, and allowing new ideas to affect and mold how we view the world – how we view architecture – is significantly important. In developing my architectural voice, I have embraced and allowed technology to help inform how I design, as well as using my artistic knowledge to simultaneously rewrite how I use technology: a feedback. I think my experience with drawing, animation, illustration, music, modeling, and building has all contributed in helping inform a view of the reactive nature of architecture and design.

Architecture should be an amalgam of the traditional and the modern: A deep understanding of the construction process and an immersion in design should both inform one another. I think that there is an intrinsic connection between idea and creation, and an understanding and involvement in the evolution from idea to reality is imperative.

My interest in learning from others to help push my boundaries has helped me develop an eclectic understanding of design and human behavior alike. Developing ideas as part of something beyond myself is essential to helping create something of value and beauty.

Contact Info

E-mail: isrod321@hotmail.com

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